Cadmium Workshop Kit

Cadmium Plating Kit

Approved for the aerospace industry

For Cadmium Plating on High Tensile Steels, particularly for the aerospace industry with no post-baking required, this workshop kit conforms to OEM standards plus complies and is used IAW Mil_Std_865 and is an ideal addition to the repair workshop. Considering that Cadmium Plating is getting harder to find and more expensive and time-consuming. This kit gives you immediacy and control of the part and is very cost-effective; plus, it brings your shop in line with CASA requirements.

Cadmium Plating normally done by cadmium electroplating immersion in an Electroplating Factory can now be carried out in your own workshop for small area repairs and touch-ups WITHOUT THE NEED TO POST BAKE FOR HYDROGEN EMBRITTLEMENT. This method of application is an approved and specified process by such specs as AMS 2541/4B and by many OEMs, including Boeing, Airbus, Eurocopter, Sikorsky, British Aero Space etc.

Dalic Australasia Pty Ltd is certified to carry out training on this and other processes such as Anodising for the Aerospace industry, and your operatives will be able to commence Cadmium Plating on the same day as the course. Includes the new switch-mode continuous power supply. This unit supplies high current 30 amps output in a lightweight, compact size case. It is suitable for Cadmium Plating on High Tensile steels and Anodising as the initial voltage can be set at 30 volts; also, it is suitable for a variety of other uses, including Selective Area Electroplating. In addition, the variable output from 1 - 30 volts can be selected to suit the plating application from pre-treatment to copper-nickel or Cadmium plating.



  • 30amp current output
  • High efficiency
  • Adjustable voltage 1 - 30 volts
  • Reverse polarity switching
  • Amp/Hour meter for depth control
  • Light weight, small size
  • Overload and temperature protection
  • Metal housing
  • Digital instruments for ease of reading
  • Switch mode operation
  • Fan assisted for overheating protection


The Cadmium Plating Solution will typically give coverage of 700 sq inches at a thickness of 0.0005" (1/2 thou), and with its no-bake specification, it is ideal for touch-ups and repairs. Full training and operator certification are also available, plus consideration can be given to starting a business.

  • 1 x 30 amp Constant Current Power Supply 1 - 30 volt variable (as above)
  • Reversing switch for pre-treatment current combinations
  • Amp/Hour metering for thickness control
  • 1 x anode kit comprising:-
  • o 1 x 2-metre connecting cables (red & black)
  • o 1 x fur fabric micro-pile bonnets supporting osmosis transfer
  • o 1 x handle assemblies to minimise heat buildup and protect operators
  • o 1 Fine Carbon Brush Plating anodes with interchangeable retention rings
  • 1-litre Cadmium Plating solution Certificates supplied
  • 1-litre Cadmium Passivation solution Certificates supplied
  • Spray rinse bottle
  • Decanting and storage jars
  • Storage Tool Box
  • Brush Cadmium Plating Instruction Manual
  • Australian complying Safety Data Sheets

Welcome To Dalic Training

Dalic Certified Training Engineers offer customised training courses across a wide range of industries, particularly for Aerospace sectors, Hydraulic and Print cylinder impact damage repairs, and General Engineering.

Certificate Courses
Aerospace Training
Certification To MIL-STD-865
Conducted At Your Workshop
On-site training consisting of one full day in the classroom studying, Safety practices, understanding and interpreting an MSDS, DALIC Maths (Calculating the current, solution usage, speed of movement "etc.")
Basic DALIC Skills, anode wrappings, how to construct an anode, and working with carbon. (Current carrying capabilities, why it is used "etc.")

Then 1 full day of "Plating Skills" or "Finger skills", exposing the do's & Don'ts of DALIC plating, setting out the job, setting out the job, the equipment uses & reasons for construction "etc." Test pieces will be completed by participants.

All test pieces will be evaluated and report plus certification. This is a certified course in accordance with the many differing specifications all of which require operators to be certified, including but not limited to MIL standards and BAC 5854/49 etc for Brush Plating. Each certified operator would require re-certification every 12 months.

Includes a copy of the DALIC operator’s manual for each participant (up to 6 people)