Repair Kits

Includes the new switch mode continuous power supply

This unit supplies high current amps output in a lightweight, compact case. It is suitable for a variety of uses, including Selective Area Electroplating. In addition, the variable output volts can be selected to suit the plating application from pre-treatment to copper or nickel plating.



  • Adequate current output
  • High efficiency
  • Adjustable voltage
  • Light weight, small size
  • The internal fan allows for continuous use
  • Metal housing
  • Analogue for ease of reading

The Zinidal will give a coverage of 230 sq inches at a thickness of 0.001" (1 thou). Also, when applied directly to steel will not cause a chemical reaction. The Nickel will give a coverage of 250 sq inches at 0.001" and is also used as a bond coat under other metals

  • 1 x Switch mode Power Supply as above
  • 1 x anode kit comprising:
  • 2 x 2 metres connecting wires (red & black)
  • 7 x Fine Carbon Brush Plating anodes & tough Fabric bonnets
  • 500 mils Zinidal Brush Plating solution 230 sq inches coverage This special solution is a chrome look alike and with polishing will give an invisible repair.
  • 500 mils Nickel Brush Plating solution 250 sq inches coverage
  • 500 mils Cleaning and the deoxidizing Brush Plating solution
  • 500 mils Etch/activator No. 3 Brush Plating solution
  • 500 mils Etch/activator No. 4 Brush Plating solution
  • 500 mils SO1 Chrome activator
  • Complete Instruction Manual specifically for Hydraulic Ram repairs
  • 24/7 support, and there are very few questions I have not already solved and can help you solve includes.


Carry out repairs to the bronze or Chrome coating and impact damage in your own factory or the field

WORKSHOP KITS for Dalic Brush Plating are now available that will allow you to carry out repairs to both impact damage and reinstatement of the Bronze coating in your own

workshop. Without the need for removal from the machine, Saving you downtime and potential loss.

Full workshop training manual will quickly acquaint your staff with the process for repairs, whether in the workshop, on-site, or in-situ. Also, if required, fully certified training to Mil-Std-865 is available, POA.

This kit will allow you to fill impact damage on cast iron, stainless steel, mild steel, weld repairs, and chrome surfaces. Also, replace the Bronze coating. The process bonds metal to metal, so the repair is permanent and, unlike some two-pack epoxy fills, will not fall out and cause more damage.

Technology At Work

The process builds/repairs using Copper to fill the damage, then Nickel for a hard face finish. Because of the MOLECULAR bonding process, adhesion is excellent, and the new surface offers protection against wear and corrosion and is finished to exacting print industry tolerances. Deep pitting, or damage can be removed without pre-machining, retaining the part's integrity. This is particularly effective on large cylinders Hydraulic rods, and rams.

Kit Cost under $1000.00 + GST Contains sufficient solution to fill a number of indents. Major companies are all ready using this for Cylinder repairs.

Support Solutions

The equipment used in the repair is completely portable; it can be brought on-site and

used in-situ to repair impact damage. The ability to do field repairs is particularly important in cases where it is too costly or difficult to dismantle. Nicks, gouges, corrosion pits, and other wear-related defects can often be repaired without reworking the entire part. Printing and calendar rolls, large cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, and rods can all be repaired.

The Kit Contains all of The Following

Nickel and (Zinidal available in invisable repair kit) One
Clea n & Deoxidise One
Etc h/Acti vator No 4 One
Cop per Alkaline an d (Tin to make bronze, available in bronze kit) One
Etc h/Acti vator No 3 One
Switc h Mode Rectifier wit h volt an d amp rea douts One
Dual polarity cabling Set
Connecting clamps for polarity changes Two
Special 25mm Fine carbon Anodes with Microfilament Bonnets Seven
Storage and decanting ki One
Spray rinse bottle One
Tapes, red Scotchbrite, and Gloves Set
Workshop manual and training video Micro SD Card

Starting business?

Welcome To Dalic Training

Dalic Certified Training Engineers offer customised training courses across a wide range of industries, particularly for Aerospace sectors, Hydraulic and Print cylinder impact damage repairs, and General Engineering.

Certificate Courses

Aerospace Training

Certification To MIL-STD-865E

Conducted At Your Workshop

On-site training consisting of one full day in the classroom studying, Safety practices, understanding and interpreting an MSDS,  DALIC Maths (Calculating the current, solution usage, speed of movement  "etc.")

Basic DALIC Skills, anode wrappings, how to construct an anode, and working with carbon. (Current carrying capabilities, why it is used "etc.")

Then 1 full day of "Plating Skills" or "Finger skills", exposing the do's & Don'ts of DALIC plating, setting out the job, setting out the job, the equipment uses & reasons for construction "etc." Test pieces will be completed by participants.

All test pieces will be sent for evaluation and report plus certification.

This is a certified course in accordance with the MIL standards and  BAC 5854 for Brush Plating. Each certified operator would require re-certification every 12 months.

Includes a copy of the DALIC operators manual for each participant (up to 6 people)

Print and Hydraulic Cylinders

Training for this sector can again be carried out under the Mil-Std-865E, which gives users of the Dalic Services peace of mind.

Courses can be customized for your in-house applications and carried out in your workshop.

Our business opportunity (information; see other pages) courses tailored to your needs include both marketing, Business acumen, and application training and certification.